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Publishing process

The publishing process is initiated with an application submitted by an author or a scientific editor. The Press accepts requests for publishing of scientific monographs, textbooks, consecutive issues of ‘The Didactic Materials’ series. The application should include the names of at least three proposed reviewers (the exception: ‘The Didactic Materials’ – non-reviewed series).

In addition to the application, the text of the book for which the publication is requested should be submitted in both the electronic (Word) and paper form. If the application precede the completion of the work, the concept/summary/table of content, etc. of the book in preparation must be attached and an approximate date of its submission to the publisher must be specified.

Applications for the publishing plan shall be accepted by the Press up to 30 September of the calendar year preceding the planned year of publication. Applications may also be submitted successively throughout the year and shall be considered by the Editorial Committee at successive meetings, the schedule of which is published on the Press' website. Applications and other documents relating to current matters shall be submited no later than 4 days before the meeting of the Editorial Committee.

The Editorial Committee shall examine the submitted applications: it shall either accept them without any reservation, set conditions for their acceptance, or reject them. Should an application be accepted, the Press appoints the reviewer(s) of the work. Applicants shall always be informed of the Committee's decision regarding the acceptance of an application, and conditions of such acceptance, or of its rejection. They shall also learn the name(s) of the reviewer(s).

The book shall subsequently be sent to the reviewer(s). Upon successful completion of the review procedure, the author shall submit the final version of the work (in electronic and paper form) to the Press and a publishing contract shall be signed with the author.

Books shall undergo editorial processing in the order in which they have been received. Firstly, the editing in terms of the content and language use of text shall be conducted in close cooperation with the author. The edited text shall be submitted for typesetting. The submitted book shall undergo proofreading and author's correction. In parallel, a cover design shall be produced in consultation with the author. At the final stage, the book shall receive an ISBN number. The material shall undergo additional verification before its release has been commissioned. The printing of the whole edition is preceded by a specimen copy; upon its delivery, the text and graphic elements can still be corrected. Editorial work and printing can take up to 3.5 months.

After the book has been published, the use of its ISBN shall be reported to the National Library. The mandatory copies, reviewer's copy and author's copies shall be sent out.