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Publishing ethics

We are committed to good publishing practices. On our website, we have published a description of the publishing process, especially the review procedure, and other information to ensure transparency in terms of the functioning of the Press. Guaranteeing funding does not mean that the book will be published. The condition of its acceptance for publication is a positive outcome of the review procedure. We document the publishing process.

We make every effort to ensure that all stages of the publishing process run smoothly and on time. We ensure professional editorial and technical preparation of the text, in close cooperation with the author.

We observe the provisions of Ustawa o prawie autorskim (Dz.U. nr 24 z 23.02.1994 r.) - Polish Act on Copyright - and oblige the authors to follow them. We accept original works whose authors are able to guarantee in the contract that their work does not infringe on the copyrights of third parties. Authors are responsible for any legal quotation, use of illustrations, tables, graphs, etc. from other sources. Such element requires citation of the source and, in case of illustrations (photographs), written permission from the copyright owner (and its submission to the Press).

We follow the advice and recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to educate, detect and expose undesirable publication practices such as:

We require authors to disclose as co-authors anyone who has contributed significantly to the work. Other contributors should be identified in footnotes or acknowledgements. We raise awareness of such manifestations of scientific dishonesty as improper authorship designation, such as:

The necessity of transparency and exhaustive determination of authorship is also connected with the requirement to indicate the sources of financing of the publication, the contribution of scientific and research institutions, associations or other entities.

As features of an ethical review, we consider: