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Open access policy

Adhering to the idea of the widest possible sharing of research results, especially when it comes to research projects financed from public funds, the PUEB Press makes a large part of its archival and current publications available in open access. This applies both to journals (the sharing policies are presented on the websites of our periodicals) and to books. These are primarily scientific monographs, but also textbooks published as a result of non-commercial projects.

Books are made available in two ways:

The decision to choose an open access model and distribution channels is made during preliminary talks between the publisher’s representative and authors/scientific editors/project leaders, etc., taking into consideration the provisions of project contracts, the goals of both sides and the type of the publication.

We provide open access free of charge.

By publishing an archival or new book in open access, we allow its author to distribute it within the network of his/her own academic contacts and on social media sites (self-archiving). The author receives a file with the book data and copyright/licence information inside.